About Us

VSR Products was founded in 2005 by Victor DiGiuseppi. His mission was simple: Make it easier for both hobby shops and their customers to find the right size screws for their RC cars. Finding the right size, measurement, etc. used to be a nightmare, but with Victor’s system, he made it easier than ever to find the right size, every time.

What started out as a small operation out of his garage in Concord, NC, quickly took off. Hobby shops across the country took interest in his system, and the business quickly grew.

Present day, VSR Products is now under the ownership of Josh Blackwelder. Josh got his start in ECommerce in 2015, and saw the potential to take VSR to new heights with his knowledge in online sales.

VSR Products are currently in over 350 hobby stores across the United States, with new additions being added monthly.

Josh Blackwelder

Current Owner

Victor Digiuseppi

Founder, Former Owner